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Response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Reaction - Essay Example congruity: It is the main country on earth that possesses a similar land, bears a similar name, communicates in a similar language, and loves a similar God that it completed 3,000 years ago†¦Ã¢â‚¬  somewhat Israel just recaptured its freedom as a result of the blame over the Holocaust. On account of the headway of advances, the Holocaust was recorded through insights, pictures, and some film. The distinction in Australia was minimal substantial evidence of the barbarities toward the Indigenous individuals, these individuals were land nullius (nobody lived there), and they were treated as â€Å"invisible†, living as crowds in innate structure. While Britain came building structures, setting rules, and requesting that the Indigenous individuals join their way of life. As Israel, Charles featured, looks entire, significantly subsequent to being controlled and managed by numerous domains, the Jews despite everything kept their own way of life. This culture was even perceived by the British. The thing that matters is the exposure of the Holocaust versus the Indigenous Australians. Since society vary from each other, regardless of whether the social orders appear to have some regular highlights, for example, their authentic control over indigenous populaces and the procedures by which more seasoned political ‘settlement’ are being disrupted in the ongoing years notwithstanding powerful and reestablished indigenous test. They are not recognizable from different sorts of (post) pilgrim social orders (Curthoys, p.20). 3. Do you concur with Curthoy’s contention that Australians oppose dealing with their provincial past in light of the fact that they consider themselves to be casualties? Indeed. Australians consider themselves to be casualties, not oppressors. In non-indigenous Australian mainstream society, individuals consider themselves to be casualties of ‘large financial aspects powers, working class elites and amazing countries abroad. A model we can see through, for example, WWII and Anzac Myth which Over 8,000 Australian officers were executed. Updates on the arrival at Gallipoli had a significant effect on Australians at

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Grendel Essays - Beowulf, Grendel, Parallel Literature, The Dragon

Grendel Grendel is a miserable soul in John Gardner's book ?Grendel?, on the grounds that he feels pointless in the public eye and wouldn't like to acknowledge his given job. All through this entire book Grendel feels he has no companion in the outside word and nobody to aside from him other than his own mom. He wouldn't like to with the exception of his job in the public eye which is to be the Great Destroyer. Man makes a gigantic issue in Grendel's life and has majorly affected the manner in which he lives with man. Grendel is miserable from numerous points of view. He needs to be acknowledged by man however never knew why he was constantly avoided out of there society. Grendel before all else never set out to hurt man simply get him. When Grendel shows up the first run through in the mead lobby he shouts ?Mercy! Harmony!? Be that as it may, nobody even gives him a possibility when he strolls in holding a dead body and utilizing it for security against the tanked men swinging tomahawks and blades at him. Grendel portion not comprehend this as he says ?they were damned, I knew, and I was happy.? demonstrating the expectation for decimation of mankind. In Grendel's eyes people will crush themselves and he will be happy when it occurs. Grendel is forlorn in the realm of man. He has just a single individual near him and that is his mom. She thinks about Grendel however just with the normal protective impulses which Grendel sees as mechanical. Grendel doesn't comprehend, ?Why wouldn't i be able to have somebody to converse with as the world begins to glance darker in his eyes. Creatures of various types are adversaries of his since they don't get him. Grendel is increasingly predominant Grendel's job in the public eye is to be the incredible destroyer. The Dragon reveals to Grendel this ? You improve them, my kid! ? You invigorate them!? be that as it may, Grendel portion not have any desire to with the exception of it. HE need to be a piece of the humanistic world. He need an alternate job in the public eye. This makes Grendel extremely troubled that he can't be acknowledged. The Dragon puts a spell on Grendel that lets weapons not hurt him. From the outset he dislike this since he feels that the fun of wrecking men would be to simple now. He begins to develop into this however and assumes his job as the extraordinary destroyer. This book shows how Grendel set up with man and figured out how to adjust to the humanistic lifestyles. It took him some time to adjust however he found it enjoyable to reck the people world. Since he was not excepted he would need to play the job of the extraordinary destroyer toward the finish of the story.

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How to Write Creative Writing Essays for Grade Eleven

How to Write Creative Writing Essays for Grade ElevenCreative writing essay topics are sometimes more difficult than essay topics for students that are five years older. The problem lies in the fact that most writers lack the confidence that younger writers do. Their confidence has been built up over many years and is able to carry them through challenges without much problem. If you were to ask any writer to stand in front of a class of students and defend their writing, they would probably give you the same answer - 'I'm not going to'.Creative writing essay topics can be challenging but they do not have to be made so. There are ways that you can overcome this confidence deficit so that you can confidently write on this type of topic and deliver a powerful essay. The best way to overcome this is to start writing a creative writing essay theme as soon as you can. You must remember that while it might seem impossible at first, once you start creating the topic, it will become much eas ier to do.So what is the best way to write a creative writing essay? In most cases it is just to get out your notebook and jot down any ideas that you have on hand. This can include facts, quotes, anecdotes or anything else that will help you with your topic. Then you need to take your notebook to your computer and look for free writing software that will allow you to make notes right on your computer. Many people find this is the easiest and quickest way to jot down information.Of course, the idea here is to use creative writing essays for grade eleven. You need to start fresh by introducing yourself to the class and introducing yourself to your teacher. This is a big deal because your teachers are the ones who will be grading your essay and if you have a problem, they can decide if you can re-write your essay and move forward.The next thingyou should do to start brainstorming ideas for your creative writing essay topics for grade eleven is to contact other creative writers in your class and ask them what types of topics they would like to write about for their grade eleven project. If you get several responses you can use these responses to make your own personal list of creative writing essay topics that you would like to write on.It is important that you start out writing about topics that are going to interest your students and not topics that you think they will like. You want to get your students thinking about their own issues and not just about yours. This way you can get a better understanding of their problems and hopefully you can help them by providing solutions.Once you have written some interesting essays for grade eleven you should always edit your papers before they are sent off to the grade eleven teacher. When you make any changes to your essays you should always make sure that you keep your original formatting. This will make sure that the essay is sent off well for grade eleven. Make sure that you take the time to make sure that the essay is well organized and does not have any grammatical or spelling errors.Writing essays for grade eleven is not hard. You just need to have confidence in your writing abilities and be willing to write about things that you enjoy. Once you find a good topic for your essay and begin to write, you will find that writing your own essay topics is easy.

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Impact Of Internet Banking On Bankers Satisfaction Finance Essay - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1548 Downloads: 9 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Finance Essay Type Analytical essay Did you like this example? In last few years, Indias banking system has several outstanding achievements to its credit. Banks are now no longer confined to only metropolitans or cosmopolitans in India. In fact, Indian banking system has reached each and every corner of the country. It has also helped in growth process of India. The first bank in India was established in 1786. Journey of Indian Banking System can be segregated into three distinct phases- Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Impact Of Internet Banking On Bankers Satisfaction Finance Essay" essay for you Create order Phase -I Early phase from 1786 to 1969 In this phase deposit mobilization by banks was very slow. People preferred Postal Saving bank facility offered by Department of Post of Government of India as it was comparatively safer and convenient. Phase- II Nationalisation of Indian banks In July, 1969, fourteen major commercial banks in the country was nationalised. In 1980 seven more banks were nationalised. This step of Government of India brought 80% of the banking segment in India under its ownership. Nationalisation of banks had a very positive impact on their deposits and advances. Phase-III Indian Banking Sector Reforms (From 1991- Till Date) Indian Banking Sector reforms helped in introduction of many more products and facilities in the banking sector. In 1991, the process of liberalisation of banking practices was started. It resulted in entry of foreign banks in India. New services like mobile banking, Net banking, Phone banking, ATM services etc. was introduced for the first time in the country.The entire system became more convenient and swift. Time is given more importance than money. Introduction of concept of Information Technology helped banks in improving customer service, book keeping, MIS and productivity. RBI played very important role in insisting banks for adoption of Information Technology for its daily operations. It has helped banks in reducing their administrative costs. Online banking facility has enabled customers to access their accounts, take print out of bank statements and even transfer of money without leaving the comfort of their home or office. So we can say that in addition to its convenience, online banking also helps in savings time and money. Banks are using Information Technology to increase returns on investment, improve customer relationship management (CRM) and employee productivity. But, with reduction in cost of transactions, it has also brought certain risks to bank like Transactional risk which is the most common form of risk associated with internet banking. Security risk may also arise on account of unauthorized access to a banks critical information stores like accounting system, risk management system, portfolio management system, etc. In addition to these external attacks, banks are also exposed to certain security risk from internal sources e.g. employee fraud. Compared to banks in foreign countries, Indian banks offering online services still have a long way to go. LITERATURE REVIEW Balasubramanya S. (2002) in his study examined that the automation in the banking sector has come a long way starting with the Rangarajan Committee report on the banking sector reforms in the eighties, followed by reports of the Narasimhan Committee in the nineties. With more than 65,000 branches of the banks (public, private and the cooperative sector) in the India, the researcher have found that the percentage of branches enclosed by automation was not satisfactory and there is need to speed up process of automation. Vij Madhu (2003) in her study examined the varying profile of Indian banks with the help of a comparative study of three private sector banks in India namely ICICI bank, HDFC bank and IDBI bank. The comparative examination of the 3 private sector banks shows that HDFC is at number one, ICICI at number two and IDBI Bank at the bottom in area of usage of Information Technology. In the study the investigator emphasised that in future challenge would be to take maximum advantage of Internet Banking. Rajshekhara K. S. (2004), in his research concluded that at present IT has become an inseparable part of banking industry. The adoption of IT in the banking sector has resulted in the development of various concepts of banking such as Electronic banking, Internet Banking, Online Banking, Telephone Banking, ATM services etc. Information technology has helped in providing certain quick service with low transaction cost to the customers resulting in customers satisfaction. Security is also one important issue in the area of concern in E-banking. The development of technology for minimizing costs, reducing frauds in this sector. This study has not covered views of bank employees on computerization of banks. Ananthakrishnan G. (2005) in his study found that customers expectations are increasing. At the present time customers are no longer willing to wait in queues and want prompt services. Researcher found that banks must provide following services to its customers to retain them- Quicker payment/receipts in cash counter Optimistic attitude of the bank staff Proper attention to the customers and time bound services Sakalya Venkata (2007) in his study have identified 15 important factors for bank customers i.e. Safety of Deposits, Size and Strength of bank, Accuracy in transactions,General Service Quality, Speed of Delivery, Proximity, Security, attitude of Staff, Service Charges, Bank Product, Image in eyes of General Public, Bank image in eyes of Peer, Face Lift (Structural), friendship with Bank Employees and Advertisement and Publicity. According to the findings, based on the experimental study, the first six factors have the maximum influence, next four have moderate influence and the rest five have comparatively lower influence. Thus, retail banks must give due attention to these factors. Kamakodi et al.(2008) have done one survey and obtained views of 292 respondents on issues related to electronic banking channels. He concluded that beyond a point, IT along with personal touch will be essential for the banks to retain existing customers and to attract new ones and banks have to make strategy for the same. Sharma Himani, Aggarwal Vikrant (2010) The employment of the Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) Bancs Core Banking at the State Bank of India (S.B.I.) in addition to its affiliate banks symbolize the largest centralized core system implementation ever performed.The overall effort incorporated the conversion of about 140 million accounts held at 14,600 domestic branches of State Bank of India and its affiliate banks. This study outlines the history of the State Bank of India details the effort to modernize the banks core processing system. It also recognizes the drivers to modernization, the critical success factors, as well as the conversion method. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Objectives of the Study: The present study was undertaken with the following objectives: 1. To evaluate the impact of Internet banking services on bankers performance in terms of customer base, profitability, work pressure on staff, speed and correctness of work, customer relations, fraud control etc. 2. To evaluate the Impact of Internet Banking services on banks customer satisfaction in terms of saving of time, convenience etc. 3. To have a comparison between the Information Technology enabled services provided by selected public sector, private sector and foreign banks. 4 To suggest various measures regarding Internet banking through which performance and customer satisfaction can be improved. Hypotheses: The following Hypothesis would be tested- H1a: There is a significant difference between public, private and foreign banks on the basis of impact of Internet banking on Bankers Performance. H1b: There is a significant difference between public, private and foreign banks on the basis of impact of Internet banking on Customer Satisfaction. Data Collection and Analysis: In this study, total six banks i.e. State Bank of India ICICI Bank Ltd. Standard Chartered Bank,Punjab National Bank HDFC Bank Ltd. HSBC Ltd are identified for the study so that adequate representation to public sector, private sector and foreign banks could be given. Further two states i.e. Haryana and Punjab and two Union Territories i.e. Delhi and Chandigarh are identified for study. In next step Ludhiana of Punjab, Gurgaon of Haryana are identified where all six banks have their branches. Next step would be to select one branch of each bank from Ludhiana, Gurgaon, Delhi and Chandigarh using random sampling technique. Next step would be to select twenty five customers of each branch of the sample banks using convenience sampling. Structured Questionnaire would be made for them. Senior Manager of each selected branch would also be given Questionnaire to collect necessary data for research.Both primary and secondary sources of data would be used for analysis.The primary data would b e collected through two questionnaires i.e. one for customer and one for the bankers. The first questionnaire would be formulated to know the customers views and second questionnaire would be designed to study the opinion of bankers. The secondary data would be collected from the Reserve Bank of India publications and from the websites of the sample banks. For the analysis of the data, appropriate statistical techniques and tests like Chi Square test etc. would be used. Nature of the study This study is descriptive cum exploratory study. Sampling Technique- Radom Sampling Technique is used for selection of branches of selected six banks. Convenience Sampling would be used to select 600 customers of 24 selected branches i.e. 25 customers from each branch. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY 1 Study is confined only to six selected banks. 2 Study is limited to only two states i.e Haryana and Punjab and two Union Territories i.e. Delhi and Chandigarh 3 Primary data would be collected only from 25 customers from each 24 selected branchs of 6 banks due to limited time and other resources

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A Shooting Star Runs Through Everything - 1354 Words

Irving Roosevelt Oswald Nicholas Youngston awoke at 6:13 on the morning of June 21st thinking that there could not have be a more beautiful day to die in the history of the world. Indeed, he wondered how anyone on earth would want to be alive after a day such as this. He got out of bed, put on his clothes, brushed his sparkling white teeth with minty toothpaste, brushed his thick, black hair with a comb missing a few teeth, and set off happily along his way, waiting for death to arrive and take him. You may be wondering why Irving was so eager for death at this stage of his life. The truth was Irving didn’t quite know himself. He had never considered himself the adventurous type, certainly not someone so bold as to just go and die out of the blue, yet recently he had gotten the urge to see what death had in store for him. Anything seemed better than his usual humdrum life, after all. Irving walked into his office building at 8:07, a full 7 minutes later than usual. His latene ss, on account of his newfound, carefree attitude, would normally have caused him to hang his head with shame, but today such an act was laughable. After all, it was his final day in this accursed office, no point in spending it moping just when his life was about to take a new and exciting turn. Irving worked at Shouldwe, Cheatem, and How, a law firm located in the Upper South side of Townsville, Illinois. This might sound like an impressive job for someone so young, but Irving wasn’t actuallyShow MoreRelatedMovie Review : Star Wars1544 Words   |  7 Pagesfilm-inspired games usually appear the afterthought of the Hollywood marketing process. But Star Wars: the Force Awakens isn’t a fairly large franchise film, and these are by no means normal circumstances. A little under a month ahead of what could quite possibly be the biggest cinematic release of all time, we fans have not just a shameless tie-in but a fully-fledged reboot of one of the most loved franchises in Star Wars’ enormous gaming catalogue. And while that may be as much a result of rose-tintedRead More Analysis Of Star Wars Essay961 Words   |  4 Pages Analysis Of Star Wars This essay will be analysing the opening sequence of Star Wars. It will be focusing on camera angles, binary opposition and codes and conventions. This film is a typical example of sci-fi, we can tell this by the use of visual codes and convention. The film is set in space and Spaceships are in conflict with each other, there are lazers being fired, robots are running around and there is a clear divide between good and evil. At theRead MoreThe Media Coverage Of Oscar Pistorius Case1462 Words   |  6 Pageswas under his bed and shot what he thought was an intruder through the bathroom door. Oscar took down the door with the help of a cricket bat, after realising that his girlfriend was not in the room and it might be her in the bathroom not an intruder. Shortly after realising that Oscar had shot his girlfriend, he called an ambulance. Before long, the South African police was also on the scene. He was arrested on the same day of the shooting. On September 12th 2013, the Olympian was charged with culpableRead MoreViolence and Americas Troubled Youth Essays1069 Words   |  5 Pagesin technology have allowed games to present state of the art graphics and surreal like qualities to its consumers; from four star simulated battle scenes to enhanced real live fire shoot outs. With all these innovations added to violent video games it attracted the visual needs of our teenage youth. Although video game vio lence has been blamed for high profile school shootings, video games and its creators should not be held accountable for these tragedies because there is not enough credible evidenceRead MoreHeroes, Heroism Exam Question1347 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿The title â€Å"Heroes† immediately highlights heroism as a key theme to the novel, because it is planted into the reader’s sub-conscious mind, so they identify heroism in everything they read, even if that is not the concept Cormier’s intended to present. Acting as an umbrella term, â€Å"heroes† represents the many values associated with heroism, repeated throughout the novel. Some may see it as an overbearing, forced title that Cormier uses to make heroism into the main focus, because he failed to do soRead MoreGames : A Real Sport1403 Words   |  6 Pagesa big gap between USA’s athletes and others’. Contributing to this honor, athletes are the most important reason. With a serious mind f or training and dedicated passion with certain sport, athletes of U.S is always better than the others. Looking through the mirror, in game industry, there are no different between athlete and gamers, or games and sports. First of all, to become a good athlete, passion and hard-word is required. For gamers, absolutely, playing competitive games starts from one ofRead MoreThe Anatomy Of Wit, By John Lyly1075 Words   |  5 PagesRun away young girl. Go with the boy of your dreams. Everything will be alright even if your father dies of a heart attack and your mother goes insane. Since he is part of our rival family, it might be best if you run away because your act may have an amazing impact. It can bring the two families together. After all, isn’t everything fair in love and war? If only that was true. A classic proverb in poetry, novels, and movies, it seems to be just a fantasy. Having to injure or kill someone for another’sRead MoreFriday Night Lights : A Town, A Team, And A Dream1500 Words   |  6 PagesThe book begins with the author talking about his motivation to write the book. Also the author discusses the importance of Permian’s game against Midland Lee High School (th eir arch-rivals). Tensions were rising greatly, and by the end of the game, star tailback Boobie Miles quits the team and Permian lost 22-21, leaving them in a three-way tie, with only two spots open in the 5A playoffs. The initial chapters discuss the town of Odessa and its history, unique facts, its people, etc. One of the majorRead MoreFood Photography Essay1267 Words   |  6 PagesMedia, Authenticity Reigns. Tabletop food directors (and some photographers) use tricks like steam machines, acrylic ice cubes that never melt and motion-control rigs that can send a donut tumbling through a wall of sugar to make food look as mouthwatering as possible. Food stylists might sift through 50 or 100 hamburger buns, chicken wings or crab legs to find a few that are camera-ready. This is fine for a quarterly or monthly special with a long timeline and large TV marketing budget behind itRead MoreSupreme Court Essay906 Words   |  4 Pagesor a windbreaker. As we walked, I could spot the building from a distance first noticing the big carvings that read, â€Å"The Supreme Court Of Ohio†. The primeval building had a beautiful interior design with pure marble walls with noise bouncing off through the building with a staccato rhythm. The whole building was made from marble mined and brought to the construction site by workers. Walking deeper into the building, we had to get checked by security in order to keep the people in the building safer

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Slave Narratives African American History Before 1877

Slave Narratives Juan Sanchez HIST 221: African American History before 1877 Professor Craig Cook July 25, 2015 Slavery has always been viewed as one of the most scandalous times in American history. It may seem that the entire institution of slavery has been categorized as white masters torturing defenseless African Americans. However, not every slave has encountered this experience. In this essay I will focus on the life of two former slaves Harriet Smith and Mr. George Johnson and how in some cases their experience were similar as well as different in other aspects. The negative aspects of slave life were unquestionably heinous and for that reason especially, it is also important to also reveal the lives of slaves whom were treated fairly and with respect. Harriet Smith was interviewed by John Henry Faulk in 1941. Harriet Smith was born into slavery and had no knowledge of her actual age. Smith describes her experience as a slave without receiving any beatings and with a master that treated her and all the other slaves they owned very well. Harriet’s master allowed his slaves to ride his horses to church and while on the plantation. Harriet Smith stated during the interview that she was a great horseback rider as were some of the other slaves. Although she was treated well, she was unable to learn how to read and write just like most of the slaves. Smith worked plowing fields and laying corn, she also picked cotton and stated that she was able toShow MoreRelatedReconstruction Of The Civil War1004 Words   |  5 PagesReconstruction was one of the most important periods in American history. It was a period right after the Civil War lasting from approximately from 1863 to 1877. During this time, the leaders of the country and t he congress struggled with a challenge of bringing the South back into the Union politically, economically and socially. One of the key challenges they faced was how to reunite the nation and what to do with the thirteen rebellious states that broke off from the Union and joined the ConfederacyRead MoreDifferences Between Virginia And Virginia754 Words   |  4 Pages Virginia has differences and similarities when it comes to slave narratives. To explain further Virginia was the first in English history to become the royal colony. However, this is why the details and experiences that these ex-slaves gave in describing the institution of slavery and the practice of slavery were tremendously important the English kings that were always occupied. Virginia House in the late 1630 s was highly recognized. Sir William Berkeley became governor in 1941, theRead MoreAfrican People s Fight For Independence And Racial Equality Essay1240 Words   |  5 PagesNelson Mandela, was at the forefront of the South African people s fight for independence and racial equality and was the first South African president to be elected democratically. To begin with Racism has always been around since the beginning of time, it’s a very human natured flaw to judge on whether you are a different color or even in the way you act or present yourself in society. Far back dated racism first began when the modern slave trade was brought around the world. In Greece and inRead More Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl Essay1671 Words   |  7 PagesIncidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. L. Maria Child, a prominent white abolitionist, agreed to edit Jacobs book, although she apparently did little to alter the text except to rearrange some sections, suggest the removal of one chapter, and add material to another. In a letter to a friend, Child wrote, I abridged, and struck out superfluous words sometimes; but I dont think I altered fifty words in the whole volume. The subject matter of the book -- sexual abuse of slave women -- was tabooRead MoreSkin Differentiation Within The African American Community1516 Words   |  7 PagesDifferentiation Within the African American Community Ebony S. Jackson HIST 221: African American History before 1877 American Public University Loni Bramson Skin Differentiation Within the African American Community It seems like modern day African Americans are constantly haunted by their past. There are sayings that African Americans do not have a direct cultural connect to their initial West African roots. Different factors, which resulted from enslavement of Africans during the colonialRead More African American Life Before and After Emancipation Essay3919 Words   |  16 PagesAfrican American Life Before and After Emancipation Slavery was an intrinsic part of North American history from the founding of the Jamestown colony in 1607 to the legal abolition of servitude in 1865. But our nation continues to grapple with the economic, political, social, and cultural impact of that peculiar institution to this day. Over seventy years after the end of the Civil War, the WPA Federal Writer’s Project sought to understand the impact which slavery had on theRead MoreEssay on Jazz Ken Burns1444 Words   |  6 PagesGift (1917-1924), explain the early growth of jazz as it originates in New Orleans and its expands to Chicago and New York during the Jazz Age. In assessing the first two episodes of Ken Burns 2001 documentary, JAZZ, this essay will explore the history of jazz, the musics racial implications, and its impact on society. In doing so, attention will also be given to the structure of the documentary, and the effectiveness of documentary film in retelling the past. In the first episodeRead MoreThe Reconstruction Period from 1865 to 1877 Essay1316 Words   |  6 PagesFrom 1865 to 1877, the United States underwent an era of political complexity and social turbulence known as Reconstruction (Tindell). This period of American history generated extensive implications for life of Americans (Tindell). The main goal of the Reconstruction was to rebuild a devasted South after the abolition of slavery, disruptions of the economy due to the war, and the tremendous amounts of deaths left it in near ruins (Tindell). The first question at hand was to decide which governmentsRead MoreDocumentary Film Analysis Worksheet2403 Words   |  10 Pagesï » ¿Documentary Film Analysis Worksheet History 221 – African American History Before 1877 Instructions: You will find the list of films you can choose from in the Assignment tab. Go to the list and pick your film. You must view the entire film. If you can’t access films because of deployment, geographic location, or other reasons, please let your instructor know so they can give you an alternate assignment. Please type you answers into this sheet. You must submit the worksheet by uploading theRead MoreThe Historical Progression of African Americans4523 Words   |  19 PagesProgression of African Americans Jeff Brown HIS 204: American History Since 1865 Prof Carl Garrigus May 16, 2010 The Historical Progression of African Americans America in 1857 was a â€Å"Nation on the Brink.† Relationships between the Northern and Southern states had been strained for decades. During the 1850 s, the situation exploded. The Compromise of 1850 served as a clear warning that the slavery issue—relatively dormant since the Missouri Compromise of 1820—had returned. African Americans

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Advances in Computing

Question: Discuss about the Report for Advances in Computing. Answer: Introduction: Bayesian Model Selection Framework for Identifying Growth Patterns in Filamentous Fungi The models for the description of different stages of development of fungi were understood in this paper. The authors have helped me to understand the method for quantification of modeling error regarding the various models that exist for predicting the growth pattern for filamentous fungi. I have understood that the errors in the mathematical modeling arise due to uncertain colony architecture and various cellular signals, which depends upon the various environmental factors. Since there exists a gap between the modeling and reality, a unified computational framework based upon Bayesian have been developed and understood for quantification of the modeling errors and ranks were assigned to the models based on performance. Further, it was well understood that the Bayesian model is the mathematical extension of Occams razor. The paper has developed a systematic framework for comparison of the model uncertainties based on Bayesian model. Since the Bayesian model compares the real data and the data from the different models, I can use the difference between the ideal result and the real result to understand the model flaws. Apart from determination of model flaws, the work will also empower the students with the knowledge of models parameters for selection of better models. This comparison of the models will help in the achievement of the tradeoff between the data fitness and the complexity of the model. The comparison will not only help me in calibration of the models but will also help as a guiding tool for further research and refinements. This model will assist the students and researcher to understand the existing models better and will help in the construction of the better complete model in future. Reference Gelman, A. and Shalizi, C.R., 2013. Philosophy and the practice of Bayesian statistics.British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology,66(1), pp.8-38. Klipp, E., Liebermeister, W., Wierling, C., Kowald, A. and Herwig, R., 2016.Systems biology: a textbook. John Wiley Sons. Lin, X., Terejanu, G., Shrestha, S., Banerjee, S. and Chanda, A., 2016. Bayesian model selection framework for identifying growth patterns in filamentous fungi.Journal of theoretical biology,398, pp.85-95.